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tobita-san... the yoda of j-english
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Hey, have you heard the one about the Nova English School student Mr. Tobita, who took lessons at Kanda in Tokyo? He was this middle-aged salaryman who rapped kind'a like Yoda from Star Wars... Was there a deeper meaning to the anarchic statements he made...? Will we ever know? Read on...

My name is Ikuo - my father offered this name to me when I was young.

Rabbits are substitutes for movie stars.

Clowns are walking to show off their clothes - they are in an amusing company.

Giraffe thinks to avoid attack from other animals to reduce its height by coiling into itself.

A person lay his left hand on skeleton shoulder to investigate its height and go into the parts.

Clowns look like almost police.

Headline is composed of complex factors.

He is a warrior. He is ready to fight because other planet creature will come up to after one hour. So his adrenaline will increase more than usual.

Tea ceremony corresponds to vacant brain.

Gold is sleeping in sand.

George Bush's tongue is not hidden.

I have no specific accident.

I have theory... he has gold shower in his brain.

Wild tiger lives in peanuts.

The looks like in defeat time.
She is run away from the Jaws...hmm...he attacked the Jaws by gun...hmmm...she likes get a life.

Mouse's face is very lovely, but very dirty.

He stole scotch without paying money but his conduct was revealed by the police.

He was stopped by scotch whiskey.

The weather is raining.

Many plates are confined in the cupboard.

The pictures is composed of white and black.

It is triumph party maybe.

I want to communicate with the internet.

He was surprised after eating because when he looked at his fork, there was blood on his spoon.

...potted chips break out his gums.

The horse name is jungle pocket.

Most Americans don't care about not to participate in anti-perfume.

I am feeling a little half-tired.

My eyes are composed of ceramics.

Nicotine poisoning makes your blood situation stop.

I offered the garbage to the road.

I am not bothered by tiredness, it does not affect my whole physical body.

I can't find ANY questions.

I ride bike... in typhoon!

I have theory... of mystery!

I have obtained the lowest level as a colourist.

My dream... manager... BIG parking lot.

Mmmm... I see... I read in book.

Cows are angry nowadays... revenge they want!

2 children meet accident with ghost.

Dead person, not Buddha, fly in the air.

Puppies have no idea.

In summer, school teacher's odour is very difficult.

Platform boots are inclined to lean.

His thinning hair became thinner because of the stress of his business situation.

He is enjoying his life by various fashion.

I wear 70% longer underwear in summer to prevent waist freezing. It can lead to waist disease.

Vienna is the holy capital for the mafia.

Herb tea is composed of stomach beans.

UFO cat flies through the air and punches ordinary people.

They repeat to remember the situation every time.

He had finally got specific feeling of his own thinking - he finally got a meaning of his medicine.

They lost their language by accident.

When I look into cat's eye, I don't know what it thinks.

Alien pill is developing for Malarian in Los Angeles. 2 million people in U.S. were killed by mosquito.

Gourmet noodles correspond to professional ramen - it brings nice odour to my tongue.

Stalker becomes ghost, it is fact.

I see ghosts. It is flying through the air, covered in black.