top 10 aussie electronic artists (from the past decade) to investigate...

de-VICE #2
can oral / khan oral: captain comatose, el turco loco, bizz o.d., 4e, gizz tv, etc
little nobody
takeshi kitano: takeshis' review
luke vibert
from dada to disco - a (brief) history of electronic music
if? records
yoko umehara - art
mamoru oshii - ghost in the shell/innocence
reinhard voigt - kompakt
joey beltram, live @ womb, tokyo
album of the year (2005): jamie lidell "multiply", warp
si begg - noodles
fumiya tanaka
andrew weatherall
goldie - metalheadz
coldcut & ninja tune
nightmares on wax
gene farris - 2006
captain funk / oe
tigger vs. andrez
tobita-san... the yoda of j-english
zen paradox
george w. bush
top 10 aussie electronic artists (from the past decade) to investigate...
keitai kouture
jeff mills
juan atkins
king britt
cabaret voltaire
orde miekle - slam
speedy j - 1998
damon wild
hmc, cinnaman, dirty house & juice records
martin damm: biochip c, subsonic 808 & steel
the advent
milkcrate man sightings
de-vice's gratuitous top 10 lists for no reason whatsoever
some interestingly diverting links
makeshift archive: neural imp
'zeitgeist': a whole world full of (scary) other uses

...well, melbourne-based ones, anyway!!

- zen paradox / steve law / sonic voyagers
- voiteck / td5 / sonic voyagers
- isnod / nod / damian stephens / LN elektronische ensemble
- son of zev / allan klinbail / LN elektronische ensemble
- artificial / nicole skeltys
- digital primate / christopher coe
- honeysmack / david haberfeld / pura
- brian may / beam up / half yellow
- scott hamilton / scott armstrong / guyver 3
- adam raisbeck / sense / soulenoid

from sydney & adelaide:

sub bass snarl, 5000 fingers of dr t, cinnaman, atone, nick littlemore, the alchoiids, pocket, etc, etc.


voiteck & honeysmack

zen paradox

little nobody