de-VICE #2
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little nobody
takeshi kitano: takeshis' review
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from dada to disco - a (brief) history of electronic music
if? records
yoko umehara - art
mamoru oshii - ghost in the shell/innocence
reinhard voigt - kompakt
joey beltram, live @ womb, tokyo
album of the year (2005): jamie lidell "multiply", warp
si begg - noodles
fumiya tanaka
andrew weatherall
goldie - metalheadz
coldcut & ninja tune
nightmares on wax
gene farris - 2006
captain funk / oe
tigger vs. andrez
tobita-san... the yoda of j-english
zen paradox
george w. bush
top 10 aussie electronic artists (from the past decade) to investigate...
keitai kouture
jeff mills
juan atkins
king britt
cabaret voltaire
orde miekle - slam
speedy j - 1998
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martin damm: biochip c, subsonic 808 & steel
the advent
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makeshift archive: neural imp
'zeitgeist': a whole world full of (scary) other uses

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(d-rights guy)

Goro Taniguchi ("Gun Sword", "Infinite Ryvious", "Planetes", "Mobile Fighter G Gundam"):

The one I liked in those days - and still love now! - was 'Ginga Tetsudo 999' ['Galaxy Express 999']. I really loved its unique view of the world and the descriptions of the machine technology, and [creator Leiji Matsumoto] gave a really solid personality to each character. Of course, I have the whole manga series, and I went to cinema on the first day and joined the queue. I bought the sound track record and have other related merchandise. I might have spent all of pocket money for these that time... I was just a ordinary fan," he laughs. "Yes, I still love this animation!"

The second favorites are "Alpine girl Haidi" and "Time bokan seriese". These are the works I still respect.

(aniplex/madhouse guy)

Osamu Kobayashi ("Paradise Kiss", "End Of The World", "Gad Guard", "Beck: Mongolian Chopper Squad"):

> Title: Super Jetter
> Directed by Fumio Hisamatsu

Reason: Because I liked 'Ryusei-go'
Also, SF-mind was interesting.

Ryusei-go seems like the name of machine(?)
means meteor

SF-mind might be the understanding mind for Science Fiction .....

(production i.g. guys)

Junichi Fujisaku ("Blood+", scriptwriter for "Ghost In The Shell: S.A.C.", "Otogi Zoshi", "Tsubasa Chronicle"):

"Ganba no Boken" (Adventures of Ganba) and, in general, the series
produced by TMS in that period. The reason? Well, I just grew up with

Mitsuru Hongo ("IGPX", "Kasumin", "Sakura Wars: The Movie", "Shamanic Princess"):

My favourite series when I was at elementary school was definitely
Kyojin no Hoshi (Star of the Giants). My generation watched this show
every week without missing even one single episode.
Hyuma's efforts to became a professional baseball player, and the
heroic confrontation with his rivals, were all elements that made this
series so exciting.
I believe that Kyojin no Hoshi contributed enormously to increase the
popularity of baseball in Japan.